Forever Home

Forever Home

This is where I grew up… 30 acres that have been in my family for over 40 years… and now it has been sold. My heart is broken…


confessions of a shut-in

i’ve been in the same house without leaving for 6 days now. the house happens to be my mother’s, in the mountain range near the oregon coast, in the middle of nowhere. seriously, we’re not even on the power grid. our power comes from a generator and an arsenal of batteries. however, as long as i can flip a light switch and turn on a light, blow dry my hair after a hot shower, pee indoors, and log onto the internet, i feel extremely lucky. my mother has subjected my sister and i to much worse in her attempt to get in touch with the very large piece of her that feels she should have been born in an earlier era that includes a horse-drawn carriage as means of transportation.

i haven’t lived with my mother since i was 17 years old, and here i am at age 31 feeling like i’ve regressed so far back in life that i’ve reached the epitome of patheticism. you can look that last word up, but you won’t find it. that’s because i made it up. it seemed most befitting, even considering the fact that it’s not a real word. i’m just that innovative. when there is no word i can use to describe something, i make one up.

ok, back to my original rant. i live with my mother. why? well, it’s sort of a long story laced with bad decisions that led to this among other consequences. ultimately though, i now have an amazing daughter and an amazing experience that i will eventually share with you. but in the meantime, i’m going to whine a little about living under my mother’s roof again. in the middle of nowhere. did i mention i also have no car?

welcome to the wonderful world of me…

so i’ve made the timely decision (i’ll expand on the “timeliness” of it later) to indulge myself in the world of blogging. this is my first attempt, so bear with me as i learn.

i’ve thought a lot about what i should write. something specific? random thoughts? i’ve decided to stick with the random since that’s just how my mind works. ah, the life of an adult with a.d.d. – no seriously, i have that.

like most people, i’ve been through and seen a lot in my 31 years. in addition, i’m a thinker. i analyze and over-analyze and analyze some more. my mind is always working. sometimes that’s a good thing, and sometimes…not so much. i’ve always had a thing for writing, though i’m just plain no good at writing fictional stories. i’m better at putting my thoughts out there into the world in a sometimes entertaining way. and thus begins my blogging journey…